How to Enjoy a Conference

Attending a conference is recommended because it could help you advance your career. It also increases your knowledge about specific topics and enables you to interact with other people. However, showing up at an event doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll achieve your set goals or have fun. You could make some blunders unknowingly that will make it an unproductive experience. Even so, the tips below can enable you to benefit from the conference you attend.

Do Not Use Your Phone

Consider switching off your smartphone when you attend a TEDx talk where your mentor will be speaking. This minimizes the urge to check your Facebook or Twitter. You can also activate silent mode. It’ll stop you from checking your emails or messages regularly when the speaker is on stage, making it hard for you to miss out on any critical points.

Pick Your Seat Strategically

Where you sit during the conference might affect your entire experience at the event. It’s best if you arrive early and choose the front row seats. This means that you can see the speakers and hear everything they say. If you sit at the back, it might be hard for you to understand the guest speaker’s speech.


This is another strategy you could implement to have a fantastic time at the conference you attend. Take part in the meeting in some way. For instance, if you’re discussing sleep health topics, you could share your experiences with your loved ones. It sets you apart from the crowd and allows you to understand the subject better.